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2011 Reading Challenge

2011 Reading Challenge

Kelli has

read 29 books toward her goal of 100 books.


1.) My Soul To Take Jan 3rd
2.) My Soul To Save Jan 4th
My Soul To Keep Jan 5th
My Soul To Steal Jan 8th
5.) The Accidental Demon Slayer Jan 15th

6.) Bitter Frost Jan 18th
7.) Forever Frost Jan 19th

8.) Silver Frost Jan 20th
9.) Moonlight Jan 22nd
10.) Full Moon Jan 22nd
11.) Dark Side of the Moon Jan 23rd
12.) Shadow of the Moon Jan 24th
13.) A Matter of Class Feb. 28th
14.) Pale Demon Mar 4th
15.) The Heiress Mar 6th
16.) My Lord Vampire Mar 10th
17.) The Iron King Feb. 11th
18.) The Iron Daughter Feb. 13th
19.) The Iron Queen Feb. 15th
20.) Prom & Prejudice Feb. 21st
21.)My Blood Approves Mar 15th
22.) Fate Mar 17th
23.) Flutter Mar 19th
24.) My Lord Vampire Mar 20th
25.) Wisdom Mar 24th
26.) American Vampire Mar 26th
27.)Shiver Apr 3rd

28.)Bonded By Blood Apr 16th
29.) Mona Lisa Eclipsing Apr 20th