Frequently Asked Questions:

1.) What types of books do you read/review?  Anything I'm in the mood for.  I'm one of those people that will pick a book by it's cover but if the blurb on the back or the first few pages don't pull me in... I may not read it.  My favorite genres are Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, and Young Adult with an emphasis on any of the first 3.  

2.) Are you paid/compensated for your reviews?  No.  I mainly started this blog for myself so I would remember how I felt about a book long after reading it.  After a couple friends urged me on, it's become more broad.

3.) Will you review ARC's given the option?  Definitely.  There is never enough to read.  And I say that with 1000+ books on my To-Be-Read list!  I would accept books for review under the understanding that it will be MY honest opinion.  Anyone interested in sending me a copy of their book for review is welcome.  The book will be reviewed with 4 weeks time(to allow for LIFE!) and a link  to the review forwarded on.

4.) What is your blog about?  While I concentrate on books, I will post on whatever I'm fascinated with the moment I sit down to write.  That might be cooking one day, traveling the next, and back to books the day after that.  I also have a tendency to write about some of my random collections....  (I love Pocket Dragons! SO cute!)

5.) Do you have a Twitter account I can follow?  No.  And I probably won't in the future.  I'm scattered enough as is without having another place to update.  Plus I'm not exactly good at keeping things under 140 characters.  :D

6.) Do you hold contests or giveways? How old do you have to be?  Not yet.  But SOON!  I will start them as my followers grow.  Once I hit 10 then I will start holding a contest once a month.  As I get more, they will increase in number.  I pick up so many books all the time that I always end up with doubles.  Some are even signed!  As for age, the contests and giveaways will be 13 and up.  Occasionally I may have some books for the more mature crowd but those will be clearly labeled.  All giveaways will bu US/Canada only unless otherwise posted.  I've had trouble with International mailings lately.  But this can change so keep checking back.  Following the blog is a requirement unless otherwise stated.

UPDATE 4/5/2011:  Giveaways/Contests will begin in the next week or two.  I will have two this month to celebrate the growth of my blog and then after that it will be one a month minimum.  It will just depend on what's happening!  :D

7.) In My Mailbox Post explanations: PBS-PaperBack Swap, B-Bought by me, G-Gift from a friend, EB-Ebook, PUB-Publisher, A-Author.  More to come as I need them.  :D 

8.) Why Clovers for your ratings system?  Because I consider them to be lucky and reading has brought loads of luck to my life.  I consider myself blessed to have as much material that I'm interested in available to me now.  For example, when I first got into Urban Fantasy, there was very little to be found.  Most books were Paranormal Romance and centered heavily on the romance aspect.  Now there is an enormous amount to choose from.  And finally because I'm of the opinion that no book is bad.  It just may not be for me.