About Me

  Well let's see.... where should I start?  I am a vertically-challenged, female human-ish(sadly, the human part not the female part!) chick, between the age of alive and dead, and I live in sunny Florida.  I've moved around a lot but thankfully not much for the last few years.  Growing up I wanted to be a teacher, then a naturalist, and then a writer, and now I'm not entirely sure what I want to be!  Thanks to the blogging world, I can attain one of those at least partially while I'm figuring the rest out.  I know I could take a writing course and actually put major effort into it but honestly, writing/blogging is just for me.  If anyone happens to enjoy it too, then I've succeeded twice.
I'm an avid reader and it's time I started knocking down my To Be Read list!  (It's over 1000 now so I really need to get on it...)  I love my Iphone/Itouch/future ;) Ipad, anything Paranormal, the internet, Jane Austen, Video Games, and have at least 50 pj's and I'm constantly on the lookout for more.  I'm lucky enough to have a husband who loves to read too and several friends and family members I can share the magical worlds I read about....

A quick note about my reviews... I have not received any ARC's as of March 2011, nor are my reviews compensated either.  All my reviews are based on books I either bought or was given from my friends and family.  I write them for myself and for my readers.  I don't stick to just one genre to review though I tend to stay with Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance.  But Historical Romance, Mystery, Science Fiction/Fantasy, and Young Adult(especially!) books have snuck onto my shelf too.  :)