Friday, March 25, 2011

New ratings!

Happy Friday! Today is Photo Friday and I'll be posting pics a bit later in the day. I wanted to hop online to tell you guys that I'm adding a rating system. I regularly visit a bunch of different book blogs and the best thing they have in my opinion, besides looking amazing and having awesome giveaways, is a rating system with nifty little graphics. I haven't designed my graphic just yet but as I'm the Irish Housewife, I know it'll be a clover! So as such I've added my ratings on the left side of the blog. For now it's a 4 Clover system but I may make it 5 if I think I need to be more specific. This is just the first of many things I want to add over the next few months. As I stated above, many blogs do giveaways and I will be starting my own in the future. As of now I will probably do one a month as soon as I hit 10 followers. If that number grows, so will the number of giveaways...hint hint! I read so much and purchase books so often that my shelves are always over flowing. We need bookcases so much that we have stacks of books on our dressers, nightstands, and end tables! And since I pick up so many books, I always end up with doubles here and there or I replace paperbacks with hardcovers for the books I really adored.

So spread the word because the first giveaway will not be one book... or even two. I want to start with a bang so THREE books it is! I need help picking the type of books to hand out so comment and tell me what your favorite genre is and why?

My favorite genre by far is Urban Fantasy. That seems to be the best place to find great Paranormal reads without TOO much erotica or romance. I like a healthy balance. And if I had to choose a kind of paranormal creature to be...Vampire all the way. They've always fascinated me even after seeing True Blood's violent and almost feral vamps. The idea of living so long and being able to learn and see so much is very exciting to me.

That's it folks! Spread the word! Ta ta for now....

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