Sunday, April 3, 2011

Book overload and a Review: The Forest of Hands and Teeth

I don't know about everyone else but I'm glad this week is OVER! I've been having connection problems the last couple days and I haven't been able to get a post up. Figures inspiration would strike heavily during that time hmm? Of course it did!

I got a bunch of books in this week and they'll be up for In My Mailbox tomorrow/later today. With the amount of books I get in, it seems we will run out of space soon. I'm contemplating getting rid of some of the books I also have in Ebook form. What do you guys think? Would you pass on some books to others if you had an Ebook of them? I know there are certain books that won't leave no matter what... My Harry Potter first editions, my various Jane Austen novels and spin-offs, and anything that's a favorite. I had this great idea to line the wall of our tv room with book shelves so I could keep adding to our books for now but slower! Basically pull the furniture along one of the super long walls away and put thin book cases behind them and push everything snug up against them. The spaces hidden by furniture would be great for things that don't get used much, ie decorations. The room is long and rectangular so it would really give it a library effect. I just don't know if it would close the room up too much or not or if it will even look good.

So! Last night I was looking for a nice light read and thought, what about a young adult novel? Clearly I forgot the depth and emotional roller coaster one can put you through. I picked "The Forest of Hands and Teeth" by Carrie Ryan. First, I have to say that zombies are not a theme I enjoy. My hubby LOVES Resident Evil (all), Dawn of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, basically anything zombie. The only zombie flick I actually like is Zombie-land. It was awesome and very funny. I kept my head turned for a lot of the gore but stayed put on the sofa for the whole movie. That's what I liked about this book, the ability to grab my attention with a subject I'd turn and run away from screaming. The plot was skillfully built around the zombie/living dead concept. In my experience with lots of forced showings of most of the zombie flicks out there, the time period is a completely different take. I can't remember exactly but fast forward 6-10 generations AFTER the zombie outbreak/infection begins and there's the start of the story. That is what got me hooked into reading this book. It's also why I couldn't sleep until it was done. Like any good thriller I just had to know who would make it out or through the story, who would succumb to becoming an "Unconsecrated", and who would just flat out die. Now my's zombies. They seriously scare me.But so do thoughts of deep space and Armageddon comets, the end of the world stuff. Other than that I really just wanted something truly positive to happen earlier in the book and actually last. But again, zombie story. They aren't filled with flowers and unicorns and smiling people. It's the end of life as we know it and the dead/infected won't stay down or stop trying to eat you and all you care about. The book was about Mary and the town she was born in and her journey towards her dreams in a zombie filled life. Can she have what she wants? Will she survive? I had to know and I'm glad I did! Now it's your turn to pick it up and find out for yourself! 4 Clovers!

Ta ta for now!

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