Thursday, April 21, 2011

Zombie Contest Winner - Susanna

My first contest is officially over and our winner is Susanna! She responded the best to these questions:

What do you think of the Zombie craze? Are Zombies going to stay a small subset of Paranormal Fiction or become as big as Vampires, Shifters, or Fae? Do you like any of the new Zombie fiction?"

Her Prize:

Her winning entry:

"It seems to me like zombies are already becoming a big trend in fiction. We have zombie apocalypse novels, zombie romances, zombie parodies of classic lit...while I can't say for sure that zombies will end up being as big as dystopias or vampires, they definitely have their own niche. I think it's because we humans have this morbid curiosity with death, and zombies provide an interesting twist on it - what if, after death, instead of going to Heaven, people become mindless monsters intent on destroying others? I think the new zombie lit reflects an interesting part of our psychology and culture."

Thank you all for your wonderful responses! Personally I think Zombies are here to stay. They've always been popular to a certain degree and now that publishers are putting out more stories, more people will become interested. As someone who previously hated the Zombie genre in any format, I have to say I have been sucked into at least being able to enjoy reading the occasional Zombie book.

Ta ta for now!

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