Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So I'm trying my hand at this blog thing once again. I've had a few and I always manage to go too long between posts. This time I'm just going to be random! See you soon....


  1. Random?!? I think you should write in it everyday. Get yourself in a habit. Set a certain time that you can and sit down and type to your hearts content... and do it the same time everyday and it will soon become a habit and I will have interesting things to read everyday

  2. It's easier to do it random. When I forced myself to write everyday the posts got really monotonous and I stopped writing from lack of interest. I don't my blog to end up looking like someone's stupid Facebook updates of every second of their day. I have started holding back posting just because I found or did something so that the next day if I don't have any ideas, I'm already set. But there's been a day or two gap already just because I've been sick and taking care of the hub. Life happens ya know? :)


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