Monday, January 24, 2011

Horrible, No good, Very bad day!

So its been one of those days. The not so fun kind. But rather than bring everyone down, here's some fun stuff. I got my Season 4 of Psych in the mail today. That show is so wonderfully funny. And the 80's references are the best. My leather boots my hubby bought me came in today too. I'm a bit disappointed because they have an issue on the inside of the boots but, I think I can deal with it by wearing nylons with them. They do look super sexy on! Aren't they just amazing???

And hopefully in a couple days my lovely new pajamas with matching slippers come in from Victoria's Secret. I'll post pics of then when they arrive. They're black with light pink flower shapes on them and light pink edging. Definitely going into the suitcase for our anniversary trip to keep me warm.

On to the book portion of this post.... I finished the next book
of The Dark Guardians, Dark Side of the Moon. Very good. Better than the first two in my opinion. I still have the same opinion on this series that I did in the last post BUT I enjoyed the romance more because I've been rooting for Brittany for two books now. Any girl who has felt like she's in the background next to her friends will identify with this character. She's pretty but not the model looking type like her best friend. The guys have never seemed to notice her and it doesn't seem to be changing until the book gets rolling. I really enjoyed how the two lovers got together in this one and I'm interested in the next book. Although I was confused as to who they were moving onto from this one because the "core" group is all paired up now.

I did pick up another book in paper format last night but I may not read it yet. The plot is intriguing but seems to be held together by steamy scenes. In other words it's probably a bodice ripper. That's alright. Most people consider Christine Feehan's Carpathians to be bodice rippers too but the plot that holds them together is SO amazing well done that skipping through the endless sex scenes is worth it.

Time for some relaxation and crime fighting....

Ta ta for now!


  1. I am so sorry today has been a crappy day. Although a few good things did happen for you so that is good.
    Love the boots. I want a pair for myself now!!!
    I really need to get reading to catch up to you. LOL.

  2. It did get better. It usually does when my hub comes home. :) The boots are super duper sweet. With how quick you've been reading lately I can't imagine that you'll be behind me for that long...


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