Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My resolution's for 2011

I don't usually make these lists because they bug me. I forget about them and then kick myself later or worse... I don't even care. So this time I'm going to pick stuff I actually have a hope of completing. The stuff I love.

1.) Read 100 books in 12 months.
2.) Drop some fat, not weight mind you, just that icky extra tummy pudge us ladies hate!
3.) Continue to maintain this blog.

That's it! Yes I know it is a little light. But I think the more you add can just weigh you down and make you feel a lot worse if you don't complete the list. Although honestly the first one should be rather simple. My record is over 100 books in one month when I was 12. Books were my safe haven and escape from the misery of my pre-teen years. Nothing made coming home crying from school once again a lot easier to take then a trip to a mystical world locked in the pages of a book.

Here's the beginning of my list:

1.) My Soul To Take, Rachel Vincent - JAN 3rd
2.) My Soul To Save, Rachel Vincent - JAN 4th
My Soul To Keep, Rachel Vincent - JAN 5th
My Soul To Steal, Rachel Vincent - JAN 8th
5.) The Accidental Demon Slayer, Angie Fox - JAN 16th
6.) Bitter Frost, Kailin Gow - JAN 18th
7.) Forever Frost, Kailin Gow - Reading

I think this is a pretty good start for the month. Although I only have 12 days left to get 10 more books read to keep up the average needed for each month. Honestly I think it will be easy. :)

I LOVED the Soul Series by Ms. Vincent. They are awesome. Reminds me a bit of the Morganville vamps series which I read in December. I highly recommend them. I enjoyed the Demon Slayer but it wasn't one of my favorites to be sure. I have started the second but I've set it aside for the Frost series. I can't help it, the cover images got me. Honestly a great looking cover will keep me coming back to look at a book even when I'm not all that interested in the story. And I really have found some gems that way. I was very iffy on Emma Bull's book "The War For The Oaks" and that book is one of my all time favorites. Kushiel's Dart is another good example. I haven't read past the first three in that series but I liked them all too. They stray a little farther into erotic subjects than I'm comfortable with but other than that.... the story was fantastic.

Well, it's time to level up Kitty a bit more while I wait for my medicine to kick in. It's January and time for cold and flu season. Whoo hoo! Soooo not.

Have a happy one all!

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